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ABACUS: Algerian BAsin Circulation Unmanned Survey (CALL_3_3, 14/1211270/B)  


– Data: 

1)  GF-MR-0030_JERICO_TNA_Abacus_Sept2014_Sdeep01_1st_Deployment  



– Deployments:






CIEBIO: Calibration and inter-calibration exercise of bio-geochemical sensors


(CALL_1_11, 12/1210185)

– Call_1_11_Project_Report.pdf

– CALL_1_11_Data.xls


– Puillat et al, CIESM 2013 abs-6984-130521.pdf CIESM-poster22oct.pdf

– Bozzano et al., JERICO News

ECCECs: Emerging Chemical Contaminants in European Coasts (CALL_2_2, 13/1210695/BF)  

  – Call_2_2_Project_Report.pdf 

 – Raw data from the North Sea activity

 – Raw data from the Mediterranean Sea activity

FITO MicroLFA: Field Test Of MicroLFA nutrients monitoring device for Ferrybox systems (CALL_2_4, 13/1210603/BF)    – Call_2_4_Project_report.pdf  

Moscetta et al, Tallinn 2014, 6th FerryBox Workshop 

Ppt presentation  

FRIPP: FRontal dynamics Influencing Phytoplankton Production and distribution during DCM period (CALL_3_1, 14/1211273)  



Deployment name: SOCIB_EPR_alborex-May2014_icoast00 


GABS: Deep Glider Acquisitions between Balears and Sardinia


(CALL_1_8, 12/1210183)

 – Call_1_8_Project_Report.pdf


1) Jerico_TNA_Sardegna_Oct2012_sdeep02 

2) Jerico_TNA_Sardegna_Jan2013_sdeep03 

3) Jerico_TNA_Sardegna_Oct2013_sdeep02

– Deployments

1) Jerico_TNA_Sardegna_Oct2012_sdeep02 

2) Jerico_TNA_Sardegna_Jan2013_sdeep03 

3) Jerico_TNA_Sardegna_Oct2013_sdeep02 

– Olita et al., Ocean Sci. Discuss., 10, 1559-1580, 2013

– Olita et al., Ocean Sci., 10, 657–666, 2014


Puillat et al, CIESM 2013 abs-6984-130521.pdf CIESM-poster22oct.pdf

Cusí et al., JERICO News

GESEBB: Glider campaign to estimate the 3D structure of an Eddy in the South-eastern Bay of Biscay


(CALL_1_7, 12/1210204)

– Call_1_7_Project_Report.pdf



Caballero et al., ISOBAY 14 

Caballero et al., 6th EGO meeting  

Goikoetxea et al., IV Congress of Marine Sciences Las Palmas  

Caballero et al, EPIGRAM 2013 Meeting

Caballero et al, EUROCEAN 2013

– Caballero et al., JERICO News


GLISS: Passive sampling and glider technologies for depth-integrated contaminant concentrations in the ocean

(CALL_1_13, 12/1210205)

 – Call_1_13_Project_report.pdf


 Suberg L.  et al., Methods in Oceanography 10, 70–89, 2014.

MAPOM: Marine Aerosols Properties Over the Mediterranean (CALL_3_2, 14/1211275)  

 – Call_3_2_Project_report.pdf 




 MEDACID: Mediterranean Sea ocean acidification time series experiment

(CALL_1_1, 12/1210180/B)

 – Call_1_1_Project_report.pdf


METRO: MEditerranean sediment TRap Observatory (CALL_2_1, 13/1210601/BF)  



  Sànchez Vidal et al., JERICO News 
MOSC: Monitoring oxygen in the Sicily Channel (CALL_2_5, 13/1210604/BF)    – Call_2_5_Project_report.pdf   Lefevre et al., JERICO News 
MUSICS: Multi Sensor Investigation in the Channel of Sardinia (CALL_3_7, 14/1211271/B)  

 – Call_3_7_Project_report.pdf

 – Data

 o-DGTSPOCME: Organic – Diffusive Gradient in Thin-film for sampling polar organic chemicals in marine environment

(CALL_1_4, 12/1210203)

  – Call_1_4_Project_Report.pdf


  Chen, JERICO News

OXY-COR: Integration of dissolved oxygen concentration measurements in the long term time series data in the Corsica Channel

(CALL_1_9, 12/1210184)

 – Call_1_9_Project_Report.pdf

 – Data


Puillat et al, CIESM 2013 abs-6984-130521.pdf CIESM-poster22oct.pdf

Schroeder et al., JERICO News

RAD: Radiometry Assessment of optical Data for ocean color applications (CALL_2_3, 13/1210602/BF)  


CIMEL-CE318 system data


RTC: Reference Temperature Calibration

(CALL_1_5, 12/1210181)

– Call_1_5_Project_Report.pdf

– CALL_1_5_Data.xls


Puillat et al, CIESM 2013 abs-6984-130521.pdf CIESM-poster22oct.pdf

Ntoumas et al., JERICO News

SESAM: Standardised Electrochemical in Situ Assessment of Metal coatings

(CALL_1_6, 13/1210589/BF)

 – Call_1_6_Project_Report.pdf

 – Call_1_6_Data.xls


– Joseph et al., JERICO News

Joseph et al., in Conference Proceedings of Metal 2013, 203-208.

TOFU: New Tools for Oxygen, Fluorescence and tUrbidity sensors testing and intercomparison (CALL_3_4, 14/1211276)  


– CALL_3_4_Data.xls 

  – Pensieri et al, 7th EuroGOOS Conference


Call 1 7 EOC 2013 Conference Caballero Et Al Abstract783.2 KiB
Call 2 1 Project Report731.9 KiB
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Call 1 13 Project Report104.1 KiB
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Call 2 4 Field Test Of MicroLFA Modules Abstract18.7 KiB
Call 1 11 Project Report516.6 KiB
Call 2 2 North Sea10.9 KiB
Call 1 7 Project Report1.6 MiB
Call 1 4 Project Report95.4 KiB
Call 1 6 Data3.6 MiB
Call 2 3 CIMEL-CE318 March - June 2014320.8 KiB
Call 2 2 Project Report1.8 MiB
Call 1 1 Project Report722.1 KiB
Call 2 2 Mediterranean Sea14.6 KiB
Call 3 1 Project Report1.1 MiB
Call 3 2 Aerosol Size Distributions43.3 KiB
CIESM-poster22oct1.2 MiB
Call 2 4 Project Report666.8 KiB
Abs-6984-13052139.4 KiB
CALL 1 5 Data42.5 KiB
Call 3 7 Project Report1.8 MiB
Call 1 11 Data23.5 KiB
Call 1 7 Campe Coriolis Monthly2.9 MiB
Call 1 7 Goikoetxea IV Congress Of Marine Sciences Las Palmas GESEBB47.1 KiB
CALL 1 4 Data23.4 KiB
Call 1 7 Caballero Isobay14 GESEBB554.6 KiB
Call 3 3 Project Report4.9 MiB
Call 1 5 Project Report163.0 KiB
Call 3 2 Mass Concentrations27.2 KiB
Call 1 6 Project Report212.3 KiB
Call 3 4 Data Xls18.3 KiB
Call 1 8 Project Report201.1 KiB
Call 1 9 Project Report2.2 MiB
Call 1 9 Data1.9 MiB
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Call 1 7 Caballero 6thEGOmeeting GESEBB81.9 KiB
Call 3 4 Pensieri 7thEuroGOOSConference150.0 KiB
Call 1 1 Data81.5 KiB
Call 3 2 Project Report519.2 KiB
Call 3 4 Project Report1.7 MiB
Call 1 7 Caballero Epigram2013 GESSEB6.3 MiB
News TNA SESAM Setting-up And First Experiments339.7 KiB