Harmonization of technologies and methodologies-technical strategy 

  Work package leader: OGS  Work package co-leader: HZG
Contact:  Rajesh Nair Wilhelm Petersen
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The harmonization of technologies, methodologies and procedures is a vital step in ensuring efficiency and optimal returns from any kind of distributed, heterogeneous, multifaceted, coastal observing infrastructure operating on a transnational level such as the JERICO network. This is because such harmonization leads to an intelligent use of resources across the network, adds to the consistency of its services and products, and helps to provide uniformed access modes and interfaces to users.

The activities constituting this WP will be those of:

  • Organization, management and reporting (of harmonisation initiatives across the JERICO network);
  • consolidation (of ongoing harmonization efforts in the JERICO project);
  • extension (of these efforts to new systems and sensors);
  • standardisation (of operations and processes within the JERICO network).