Overview of the JERICO-RI


By 2030, the JERICO-RI will be the European gateway to long-term scientific observations and related services for European coastal marine systems at the convergence between the land, open ocean, and atmosphere; empowering European research excellence and expertise for the benefit of society.”


The main purpose of JERICO-RI is to enable a sound understanding of the responses of coastal marine systems to natural and anthropogenic stressors. To do so, JERICO-RI adopts a systematic approach to monitor, observe, explore and analyse coastal marine systems in order to reach reliable information of their structure and functioning in the context of global change. JERICO- RI encompasses the whole range of environmental sciences, technologies, and data sciences. It achieves observations at global, regional and local scales, through the implementation of a set of complementary platforms and multidisciplinary observation systems.


JERICO-RI is an integrated pan-European multidisciplinary and multiplatform research infrastructure dedicated to a holistic appraisal of coastal marine system changes. It is seamlessly bridging existing continental, atmospheric and open ocean RIs, thus filling a key gap in European marine observations. JERICO-RI establishes a framework upon which coastal marine systems are observed, analysed, understood, and forecasted. JERICO-RI enables open access to state-of-the-art and innovative facilities, resources, FAIR data, and fit-for-purpose services, fostering international science collaboration.


  • JERICO-RI investigates how innovative observation strategies and technologies can support assessing and predicting natural and anthropogenic changes in complex coastal systems and unravel the complexity of coastal processes.
  • JERICO-RI provides a sustainable framework of facilities, expertise and data to support growth, development and innovation in the blue industry. The JERICO-RI aims at forming partnerships with industries contributing to marine observations by developing joint activities and promoting mutual benefit.
  • JERICO-RI supports the development of downstream services by SMEs through free access to high-quality, continuous, multidisciplinary, marine environmental data.
  • JERICO-RI facilitates technological innovations by providing access to a long-term pan European coastal infrastructure for proof of concept, verification and demonstration of emerging technologies in a variety of easy-accessible natural environments and with the support of a network of experts.