WP2 – NA2: Technical Design for an Operational JERICO-RI (physical part of the RI)

  Work package leader: SYKE Work package co-leader: DELTARES, IMR
Contact: Jukka Seppala Anouk Blauw, Henning Wehde
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Task 2.1. Technical and technology outlook for coastal observatories 
Task 2.2. Gap analysis of JERICO-RI technologies
Task 2.3. Roadmap for the Technical Design of an operational JERICO-RI
Task 2.4 Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for technological impact


WP2 provides a practical technical roadmap for an operational JERICO-RI to implement a distributed Research Infrastructure for European coastal seas. According to this plan, the technically feasible operational JERICO-RI network could be composed of interlinked, and eventually integrated, national nodes of observatories providing consistent data and products for user communities. It will also include a description of the technological solutions that can be implemented.

To achieve such a sustainable, efficient and scientifically excellent pan-European coastal RI is a demanding task, due to the heterogeneity of marine systems, variety of topics studied and diversity of national observing practices. JERICO projects have so far brought together and consolidated different

  • Observing communities, employing different observation platforms (e.g. ferrybox, glider, fixed platform, HF-radar) and sensor technologies.
  • Disciplines focusing either physics, chemistry, biology, and some combination of those.
  • Blocs targeting either scientific, environmental, societal or commercial topics.
  • Regions and nations, each with their own specificities, needs and practices.

WP2 aims to continue this consolidation process, while also accounting for regional specificities and national requirements. WP 2 will establish a Conceptual Design of the physical (hardware part) of JERICO-RI, and finally provide a technical roadmap for the implementation of JERICO-RI as a preliminary document for a Technical Design Report in the further Preparatory Phase, along the ESFRI roadmap.