CEFAS- FerryBox

(short name)

CEFAS- FerryBox
(CEFAS- FerryBox)

(short name)

RV Cefas Endeavour
(RV Cefas Endeavour)


UK waters


Bottom depth

Legal name of organisation

Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science


United Kingdom


Ferrybox system on RV Cefas Endeavour Location: Operates in UK waters throughout the year. System for autonomous, cost-efficient and continuous collection of sea surface oceanographic HF, high resolution data:S, T, fluorescence, turbidity, flow cytometry. Services currently offered: Data has been used within the eutrophication monitoring programme and as an essential component of fisheries surveys to study environmental drivers of small pelagic fishes (eggs, larvae and adults) with specific focus on S, T and Chl-a maps. The FerryBox system on RV Cefas Endeavour is used for autonomous and continuous collection of the sea surface oceanographic data. Core variables include sea surface salinity and temperature, turbidity, chlorophyll fluorescence, oxygen, nutrients and meteorological parameters. A flow cytometer could be connected if requested.

Modality of access under this
proposal: MoA2.
UA: day Modality used to declare access costs:TA-UC

Support offered Accessto the Ferrybox data, Ferrybox infrastructure to deploy new sensors/ instruments and the associated Ferrybox data.
Automated water sampler offered for collecting additional underway samples.Technical assistance with integration of
additional sensors.