NA1: Innovative monitoring strategy and Design of the System

  Work package leader: AZTI Work package co-leader: CNRS
Contact:  Anna Rubio Antoine Grémare
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Task 1.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 1.2: Approach to maximise the scientific and societal relevance of the JERICO-RI through integrated innovative monitoring
Task 1.3: Long-term vision for the JERICO-RI
Task 1.4: Next generation European coastal observing system


The main objective of WP1 is to design and setup innovative monitoring approaches based on the JERICO-RI system of systems and through cooperation with other coastal data providers and users, to develop a long-term vision for the JERICO-RI infrastructure and to propose an overall science strategy for JERICO-RI. WP1 builds upon the science strategy elaborated within the H2020-JERICO-NEXT project (2015-2019), which was structured around four key pillars: (1) elaborating scientifically-sound integrated multidisciplinary observations; (2) achieving technological developments allowing observation in all disciplines of marine sciences and based on a thorough assessment of emerging enabling technologies; (3) linking with all relevant sources of observations in European coastal seas including their littoral components; and (4) maximizing societal value by addressing concerns over multiple spatial scales. WP1 is structured through three tasks aiming at providing, through tight interactions with all other activities in the project, a robust science strategy and a vision on the next generation coastal observing system of systems.