User Panel Communications

Communication 1: First Virtual Meeting of the JERICO-NEXT User Panel

Following the selection of the User Panel members, a first virtual meeting was organised by the University of Malta on the 17th October 2016. This served to introduce the JERICO-NEXT project to the end users and to disseminate information regarding the first face-to-face meeting which is scheduled for March 2017.

Patrick Farcy, the Project Leader from IFREMER initially gave a project overview. Aldo Drago from the University of Malta as leader of this task then described the scope of the User Panel. Ingrid Puillat from IFREMER followed with a brief description of the research efforts and general activities of the project across the key WPs. The Transnational Access initiative was then described by Stefania Sparnocchia, from ISMAR. Michelle Devlin gave details and plans about the Virtual Access Services that are being developed within the project.

The Panel members had the opportunity to express their expectations and make propositions about their interests and priorities foreseen for the User Panel. Time was then allocated for general feedback and expectations. The agenda, meeting minutes and presentations for this meeting can be found from here.