The primary objective of this activity (WP7) is to provide coordinated ‘free of charge’ trans-national access to researchers or research teams from academy and industry to original coastal infrastructures operated by the JERICO NEXT consortium. This access opportunity is expected to help building long-term collaborations between users and JERICO-NEXT partners, and to promote innovation and transfer of know-how in the coastal marine sector.

JERICO NEXT will organize three Calls for Transnational Access (TNA) to a chosen number of its infrastructures/installations. Approved user groups will receive local assistance by the operators of the infrastructures they use.

The Third and last call for access to the JERICO-NEXT Coastal Observatories and Supporting Facilities is open from January 15 to March 12, 2018.

Infrastructures and access services: The catalogue of TNA services is made by two chapters:

Chapter 1 – Observing systems

Chapter 2 – Supporting facilities and special equipment

Items in Chapter 2 may be used alone or in conjunction with one or more of the observing systems described in Chapter 1. The priority will be given to the projects in conjunction with an observing infrastructure described in Chapter 1.

More details can be found by navigating the map below.