NA5: Data management for multidisciplinary coastal data

  Work package leader: MARIS Work package co-leader: HCMR Work package co-leader: Cefas
Contact:  Peter Thijsse Leonidas Periviolotis Veronique Creach
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Task 6.1: Coordination
Task 6.2: Data management for coastal platforms
Task 6.3: Data management activities on selected biological and biogeochemistry sensor types
Task 6.4: Data management support activities


Coastal platforms and data are important components in the observation of the marine environment. There is a strong requirement for identifying, capturing and if necessary creating Best Practices for data lifecycle and data quality. JERICO-S3 via WP6 needs to provide tools and standards to stakeholders to enhance the access and use of coastal platforms and data.


  1. Facilitate the data management for JERICO-RI coastal platforms, by identifying, agreeing, and supporting application of Best Practices from multiplatform perspective, covering the whole data lifecycle from data acquisition, processing and analysis, storage and preservation to publishing in the EU aggregators CMEMS, SeaDataNet and EMODNet.
  2. Identify and support the JERICO-RI target platforms – PSS, and platforms from JERICO-RI partners – representing the basis for the coastal component of a potential future EOOS.
  3. Identify, test and compile JERICO-RI tools for QC, data and metadata management, reformatting to support the data centers in data lifecycle management, implementing and using of JERICO-RI best practices.

WP6 will focus on data management support activities for the data life cycle of the IRS and PSS coastal platforms and sensors by (vertically – T6.2/6.3) contributing to the data management activities in (partly already existing) platform and sensor oriented workteams. At the same time WP6 will work on collecting, documenting and – if required – define with the community the supporting standards as best practices. WP6 will explore data management/data quality control tools, a strategy for connection to international aggregators, and develop cross-platform coordinated activities (horizontal – T6.4). There will be a close cooperation with WP5, because both focus on the same platforms and sensors but the actions are foreseen to be complementary. The dataflows and especially standardisation and organisation of the various coastal platforms and sensors have a different level of maturity. For the more “mature” platforms highest impact will be achieved by very focused actions to optimise the data management, while for the less mature there will be more effort spent on the level of organisation, (conceptual) standards definition etc.