WP6-NA6: Communication strategy

  Work package leader: IH Work package co-leader: TALTECH, IRB
Contact: Joao Vitorino Taavi Liblik, Martin Pfannkuchen
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Task 6.1: Project Communication
Task 6.2: Engaging with Users
Task 6.3: Engaging with selected Stakeholders
Task 6.4: Maximising visibility and society impacts
Task 6.5:  Communication KPIs


This WP will progress on 2 types of objectives:

  • The communication strategy of the project and the general one internal to the consortium.
  • Set up a long-term communication strategy for JERICO-RI.

Type 1 objectives will update and track the communication and Dissemination actions according to the plan and will support the community engagement and alignment regarding the way on the ESFRI roadmap.

Type 2 objectives are related to the long-term vision of the future JERICO-RI and its further communication plan. Major changes are expected to occur during the next one-two decades in the communication between JERICO-RI and stakeholders, users and society leading flexibility/adaptability to be incorporated in the design of a Pan-European research infrastructure leading the coastal ocean research in the next decades.

Consequently, attention will be paid to the:

  • Design of a communication strategy directed to promote JERICO-RI among the different targeted user communities.
  • Design of a communication strategy that informs the main stakeholders (Nations, European structures and international organisations) about the key importance of a Pan-European RI for the coastal ocean.
  • Design/plan of the communication strategy amongst JERICO-RI and other existent RIs to facilitate the integration of JERICO-RI in the European and global research landscape.
  • Design of the most suitable science to public communication mechanisms to promote marine research and the societal and scientific relevance of JERICO-RI.