WP# D# Deliverable name Lead Type Dissemination Level Delivery Date Submitted Downloads
1 D1.1 Early inputs towards sustainability CNRS R CO M8 28th July 2021
1 D1.2 Regional approach CNRS R PU M36 14th April 2023

DL1.2 JERICO-S3 D1.2 Regional Approach V2 - Reviewed By CF (1.1 MiB)

1 D1.3 Synthesis of the implementation AZTI R PU M44    
1 D1.4 Long-term vision for JERICO-RI COV R PU M30    
1 D1.5 JERICO-RI Scientific Strategy and implementation plan CNRS R PU M48    
2 D2.1 Collaboration and inter-operability with other RIs CNR R PU M40    
2 D2.2 Roadmap for COPERNICUS and industries cooperation COV R PU M42    
2 D2.3 Regional connectivity and multi-scale processes DMI R PU M42    
2 D2.4 Planned joint international activities EUROGOOS R PU M44    
2 D2.5 Planned joint activities with environment and politics RWS R PU M46    
3 D3.1 Initial analysis and summary of region-specific and region-wide monitoring strategies, and regional sustainability plans IRB R PU M7 22nd July 2021

D3.1 JERICO-S3 DELIVERABLE FinalV22july21 Compressed (1.7 MiB)

3 D3.2 Report on integration progress within and between IRSs NIVA R PU M26 14th April 2023

DL3.2 JERICO-S3 Report On Integration Progress Within And Between IRSs 25Jan2023 Final R2 (1.4 MiB)

3 D3.3 Recommendations based on regional data handling and accessibility IRB R PU M32 14th April 2023


DL3.3 JERICO-S3 Recommendations Based On Regional Data Handling And Accessibility 5April2023 FINAL (1.5 MiB)

3 D3.4 Final analysis and summary of region-specific and region-wide monitoring strategies, and regional sustainability plans IRB R PU M38    
3 D3.5 Final report on integration within and between IRSs NIVA R PU M42    
4 D4.1 PSS monitoring strategies SYKE R PU M7 7th May 2021


4 D4.2 Refined PSS monitoring strategies HCMR R PU M19 14th April 2023

DL4.2 JERICO-S3 D4.2 Assessment And Refinement Of D4.1 After 1 Year Of PSS Implementation V2.1 (1.3 MiB)

4 D4.3 Progress report on PSS implementation SYKE R PU M22 14th April 2023

DL4.3 JERICO-S3 D4.3 Progress Report On PSS Implementation - V2.1 (3.6 MiB)

4 D4.4 Assessment of PSS implementation SYKE R PU M38    
5 D5.1 Catalogue and checklists for existing biological sensors that will be implemented in JERICO-S3. CNRS R PU M14 13th September 2021


5 D5.2 Technical handbook published within the OBPS Repository of BP for implementing and operating coastal observatories IEEE R PU M20 14th April 2023

DL5.2 JERICO-S3 D5.2 Electronic Handbook For Mature Platforms V1.1 (7.2 MiB)

5 D5.3 Report on the Key Platform Performance Indicators and Key Integration Performance Indicators developed for the JERICO-RI. OGS R PU M22 14th April 2023

DL5.3 JERICO-S3 - D5.3 Report On KPPIs And KIPIs Developed For The JERICO-RI V3-FINAL (1.4 MiB)

5 D5.4 Recommendation for Multiplatform implementation of a biogeochemical NRT observatory NIVA R PU M32 14th April 2023

DL5.4 JERICO-S3 D5.4 Recommendation For Multiplatform Implementation Of A Biogeochemical NRT Observatory 5-Apr-2023-final (1.8 MiB)

5 D5.5 Report on the functional homogenization tools that will support the implementation of best practices within the JERICO-RI CNR R PU M36 14th April 2023

DL5.5 JERICO-S3 D.5.5 - WP5 - Functional Homogenization Tools - 31-03-2023 (1.6 MiB)

5 D5.6 Best practices document for sampling procedures of biological automatic sensors (imaging-in-flow, automated flow cytometry and multispectral fluorometry) CNRS R PU M38    
5 D5.7 Technical recommendations for integration based on the monitored experiences performed in PSS/IRS CNRS R PU M40    
6 D6.1 Draft Data Management Plan HCMR R CO M6 7th May 2021

JERICO-S3-D6.1-Data-Management-Plan Final (1.2 MiB)

6 D6.2 JERICO-RI inventory of platform, dataset and data products SMHI R PU M12 21st June 2021

JERICO-S3-D6.2-Inventory Of Platform-dataset And Data Products - FINAL (1.9 MiB)

6 D6.3 Data Management Best practices report for physical and BGC platforms HCMR R PU M25 14th April 2023

DL6.3 JERICO-S3-D6.3 Data Management Best Practices Report For Physical And BGC Platforms Final ALK Reviewed (3.5 MiB)

6 D6.4 Data Management Best practices for quantitative imaging systems VLIZ R PU M26 14th April 2023

DL6.4 JERICO-S3 - Best Practices Recommendations For Plankton Imaging Data Management - Review JS - FINAL (2.0 MiB)

6 D6.5 Data Management Best practices report for biological optical sensors CEFAS R PU M26    
6 D6.6 Gap Analysis of Best Practices for PSS and IRS SOCIB R CO M28 14th April 2023
6 D6.7 FAIRness evaluation report of PSS and IRS’’s related to data management policy MARIS R CO M28 14th April 2023
6 D6.8 Data management Best practices and strategy for coastal carbonate systems IOW R PU M36    
6 D6.9 E-library contribution report MARIS R PU M42    
6 D6.10 JERICO-RI Data Management implementation report for all platform types HCMR R PU M48    
6 D6.11 Report of coastal citizen science adoption options and harmonisation MARIS R PU M48    
6 D6.12 Final Data Management Plan MARIS ORDP PU M48    
7 D7.1 Prototype of JIIM, with core set of instruments for the measurement of cEOVs IFREMER DEM PU M18    
7 D7.2 Suite of Sensor Web components for the end-to-end integration of the JIIM into interoperable infrastructure. IFREMER DEM PU M30    
7 D7.3 Test report of the JIIM prototype in a representative different coastal environments IFREMER R PU M36 14th April 2023

DL7.3-Jerico-S3-D7.3-Test Report Of Coastal EGIM Prototype In Representative Different Coastal Environments (3.2 MiB)

7 D7.4 Prototype sensor packages and WASP IFREMER DEM PU M36    
7 D7.5 Pilot D2PTS demonstration AZTI DEM PU M25 14th April 2023

DL7.5 JERICO-S3 D7.5 Pilot D2PTS Demonstration ED Reviewed (2.9 MiB)

7 D7.6 Documentation of JERICO-RI e-infrastructure and capabilities SOCIB R PU M34 14th April 2023

DL7.6 JERICO-S3 D7.6 Documentation Of JERICO-RI E-infrastructure And Capabilities (6.4 MiB)

7 D7.7 Specifications and benchmarking of sensor packages NORCE R CO M44    
7 D7.8 Intelligent services and data science methodologies for the JIIM and the VA e-infrastructure CNR R PU M36 14th April 2023

DL7.8 JERICO-S3 D7.8 Intelligent Services And Data Science Methodologies For The JIIM And The VA Einfrastructure-V1.0 (1.0 MiB)

7 D7.9 Technological innovation demonstration report PLOCAN R PU M46    
8 D8.1 Description of facilities in TA provision MI R PU M9 27th January 2021

JERICO-S3 D8.1 TA Provision (2.2 MiB)

8 D8.2 Report on TA provision MI R PU M42    
8 D8.3 Report on combined TA+VA provision MI R PU M47    
9 D9.1 User requirement and classification EUROGOOS R PU M18 29th July 2021

JERICO-S3 D9.1 User Requirement And Classification Final (2.6 MiB)

9 D9.2 User engagement strategy plan with metrics to assess user satisfaction/expectations SOCIB R PU M36    
9 D9.3 The JERICO-RI business plan MI R PU M40    
9 D9.4 Proposed organisation, structure, and long term governance IFREMER R PU M42    
9 D9.5 JERICO-RI Design report, final version IFREMER R PU M46    
9 D9.6 Common action plans with other RI initiatives and one with EOOS for the future EUROGOOS R PU M46    
9 D9.7 Report synthesising nation positions with regards to the expected commitments IFREMER R PU M48    
10 D10.1 Consolidated Dissemination & Exploitation plan IH R PU M4 28th May 2021

JERICO-S3 D10.1 DEP-v1.5 Compressed (569.9 KiB)

10 D10.2 Communication Plan COVARTEC R PU M6

26th November 2020


9th May 2022

JERICO-S3 D10.2 CP V1.3 (927.5 KiB)

JERICO-S3 D10.2b Communication Plan V2.0 (957.7 KiB)


10 D10.3 Report on production of com. material dedicated to increase the visibility of JERICO-RI BLIT R PU M24 14th April 2023

DL10.3 JERICO-S3 Report On Production Of Communication Material Dedicated To Increase The Visibility Of JERICO-RI V1.0 (1.2 MiB)

10 D10.4 Report on communication tools: description of the tool per targeted group. IH R PU M26 Draft Report
10 D10.5 Report on training workshops including production of guidelines on best practices aimed at staff training CNR/CEFAS R PU M44    
10 D10.6 Dissemination & exploitation plan : impact report IH R PU M48    
11 D11.1 First report on VA JERICO Resources access statistics and service provision SOCIB R PU M18 26th November 2021

JERICO-S3-D11.1 - First Report On VA JERICO Resources Access Statistics And Service Provision V2.0 (5.7 MiB)

11 D11.2 VA Intermediate Report from external international board SOCIB R PU M22 14th April 2023

DL11.2 JERICO-S3 - VA Intermediate Report From External International Board - FINAL (779.8 KiB)

11 D11.3 Second report on VA JERICO Resources access statistics and service provision SOCIB R PU M40    
11 D11.4 VA Final Report from external international board SOCIB R PU M44    
12 D12.1 POPD – Requirement No 1 IFREMER ETHICS CO M6 22nd January 2021
12 D12.2 NEC – Requirement No 2 IFREMER ETHICS CO M2 3rd April 2020
12 D12.3 EPQ – Requirement No 4 IFREMER ETHICS CO M6 28th May 2021
13 D13.1 Signed consortium agreement IFREMER R PU M6 27th January 2021

JERICO-S3 D13.1 Signed Consortium Agreement (5.4 MiB)

13 D13.2 Quality assurance plan; guidelines, best practices, project handbook IFREMER R PU M6 6th July 2021

JERICO-S3 D13.2 Quality Assurance Plan V1.1 With Annexes (2.8 MiB)

13 D13.3 TA: Policies and Procedures document MI R PU M9 9th June 2021

JERICO-S3 D13.3 JERICO-S3 TA Policies V2 (1.7 MiB)

13 D13.4 TA: Policies and Procedures document- revised after 1st TA Call review MI R PU M22 22nd December 2021

JERICO-S3 D13.4 TA Policies And Procedures - V1.1 - LD (1.4 MiB)

13 D13.5 TA: Policies and Procedures document- revised after 2nd TA Call review MI R PU M34 14th April 2023

DL13.5 JERICO-S3 DELIVERABLE 13.5 Policies And Procedures Revised (1.8 MiB)

13 D13.6 Final report (activity financial, societal) IFREMER R PU M48