NA6: A sustainable JERICO-RI: Preliminary design towards implementation

  Work package leader: IFREMER Work package co-leader: EuroGOOS
Contact:  Ingrid Puillat Glenn Nolan
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Task 9.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 9.2: Community of users in JERICO-RI: Analysis of Users and usage strategy
Task 9.3: Preliminary Design of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.4: Business plan of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.5: Long term governance and way towards institutional, national, and other sustainability initiatives


This WP is dedicated to gathering information across JERICO-S3 and to prepare specific recommendations to progress towards a sustainable RI. The first task (Task 9.1) is dedicated to the coordination of the WP as other tasks are related together in a logical way. The 2nd task (Task 9.2) is aimed at mapping and analysing the role of users and stakeholders in the JERICO-RI to establish a so-called “User strategy”. Task 9.2 is a necessary step to guarantee that the science and technology design-led in Task 9.3 will also fit the needs of key players, beyond those defined in WP1 which are more focused on the scientific and observational needs. Then Task 9.2 and Task 9.3 will directly feed the development of a business plan in Task 9.4. In addition, the definition of a User strategy in Task 9.2, as well as the design of the RI in Task 9.3, will help to propose several possible structures of the JERICO-RI governance in order to set the right relationships and roles between and in the governance bodies in agreement with the needs for operations (Task 9.5). The work will be led in collaboration with national RIs related to the coastal observations such as FINMARI (FI), ILICO(FR), COSYNA(G), POSEIDON(GR), SOCIB(SP) and other WPs of the project.