WP1 – NA1: Co-construction of a long term Coastal Science plan between nations and EU in the European RI landscape 

  Work package leader: CNR  Work package co-leader: IFREMER-CNRS, HEREON
Contact:  Annalisa Griffa Ingrid Puillat, Holger Brix
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Task 1.1: Coastal national research landscapes within JERICO-RI
Task 1.2: Boundaries of JERICO-RI in the national landscapes of EU Environment RIs and contribution to global coastal observations
Task 1.3: Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for scientific excellence


WP1 aims to establish the long-term scientific plan of the JERICO-RI that will include a description of socio-economic impacts from national, regional and EU viewpoints. It will consider both the top-down and the bottom-up perspective. The bidirectional approach will ensure a continuous exchange and update of scientific strategies and socio-economic impacts, from the global to the national scale and vice versa. WP1 will take advantage of the JERICO-DS national partnership scheme to optimise its scientific strategy by considering the national ones and taking into account national constraints within the scientific vision outlined in previous JERICO projects at European and regional (transnational) levels. As a consequence, JERICO-DS WP1 will include the national perspectives as a fundamental key for the distributed research infrastructure envisaged for the European coastal seas. An analysis of how to integrate national scientific and societal needs into the European framework, including synergies with other RIs, is the main targeted outcome of WP1. An overview, from global to national, and from national to global, of the JERICO-RI landscape is envisioned.