D4.1 Report on Existing Calibration Facilities

The main goal of work package 4 of JERICO project is to increase the performance of JERICO observatories. The first step on this way is to evaluate existing calibration facilities of JERICO partner institutes. So, this report is providing information about

– General features of calibration systems:

  • Budget for calibration
  • Calibration staff
  • Quality management, control charts, links and collaboration with other institutes

– Evaluation of sensor calibration specifications for :

  • Physical sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Chemical sensors

JERICO Calibration facilities are evaluated regarding their budget and staff as well as their overall reliability. An important issue for reliable calibration is the application of quality management standards, control charts, accreditation and links to other institutes. These applications are evaluated in this report as well.

The calibration routines are dependant on the applied sensor type, so we distinguish in this report between physical, optical and chemical sensors. We evaluate the overall reliability for different sensor type and we go also in detail about calibration intervals and details of the calibration settings.

At last, we draw conclusions about what is the latest standing of calibration systems among the JERICO partner institutes and what is supposed to be improved in the future and what has been suggested by JERICO partners.

D4.1 Report on Existing Calibration Facilities (318.3 KiB)