Ifremer Metrology Laboratory

(short name)

Ifremer Metrology Laboratory

(short name)

Ifremer Metrology Laboratory


Plouzané, France, Atlantic Ocean


48.357°N, 4.558°W

Bottom depth

Legal name of organisation

Institut Francais de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (IFREMER)




Florence Salvetat

Centre de Brest – CS 10070
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 22 49 21
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The Ifremer metrology laboratory is in charge of the calibration of the oceanographic sensors used by Ifremer scientists and it also provides calibrations for external customers.

The metrology laboratory deals with the following parameters: temperature and pressure, conductivity/salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH and fluorescence. The laboratory is equipped with high quality reference devices (fresh water and seawater calibration baths, standard platinum resistance thermometers, direct current resistance comparator bridges, fixed point cells, gauge pressure balance, reference salinometer, reference materials for fluorescence and turbidity calibrations and spectrophotometric pHT bench).

Web site address: https://wwz.ifremer.fr/rd_technologiques/R-D-Technologiques/Equipements/Metrologie

Parameter Range Uncertainty
Temperature -1,5°C to +40°C ± 0,07°C
Pressure 100 kPa to 4MPa
2 MPa to 80 MPa
± (200Pa + 1,3.10-4 *Pr)
± (1200Pa + 1,3.10-4 *Pr)
Salinity 2 to 40 ± 1.10-2
Turbidity 0 to 4000 FTU +/- 5% of full scale
pH 4 to 10 ± 0,02
Fluorescence Depend of sensor technology to be calibrated +/- 5% of full scale

  • In person/hands-on: the presence of the user group is required/recommended during the whole operation period

Unit of access (UA): week (5 days of 8 hours)

Quantity of access available for the 3rd Call: 5 UA=5 weeks.

Users can apply for a minimum access duration of 1 week (1 UA), for the maximum duration of 5 weeks (5 UA), or for intermediate access duration (n UA, n=2,3,4).

Applications are solicited for using the calibration laboratory in combination with one or all the other installations open to the TNA program, both by IFREMER and other partners.

The metrology laboratory provides: sensor calibrations, metrology trainings, audits and guidance for Ifremer laboratories or external collaborators and customers, metrology expertise and studies in the framework of national, European and international projects (Aquaref, Jerico, Argo, ENV05 Ocean JRP, …).

Visiting researcher will be given access to the laboratory facilities, experimental areas for doing calibration (conductivity/salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH and fluorescence). An engineer and a technician will be fully dedicated to the service for TA.

To be verified with the facility provider.