D1.3 Terms of Reference

In Europe we have a high level of research in public and academic institutes, but this research doesn’t always lead to instruments that are able to be used in an operational way. To give momentum, we must create (or make understandable) the value of the technology to the instrument user.

Companies need visibility to invest in the oceanographic market (which is a niche market). Looking outside our traditional technical and scientific environment, we see that many technologies could be suitable to develop new sensors. On the other hand, many instrument users don’t have a sound knowledge of the available market.

In order to carry out an analysis of the above issues, JERICO organises a ‘Forum for Coastal Technologies (FCT)’.

As a first step to set up this forum we prepared the FCT “Terms of Reference”, that describes the expected FCT activities including workshops and experiments organization.

Download the attached PDF for further details relating to this deliverable.

D1.3-ToR-FCTv12-oct2012-withannex (790.1 KiB)