Integrated Science Strategy and Governance from local to European Scales 

  Work package leader: IRIS  Work package co-leader: CNRS
Contact:  Dominique Durand  Antoine Grémare
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WP1 provides a framework for the realisation of the project workplan and for the long term sustainability and impact of the RI on research and on the implementation of the relevant European policies. It will focus on producing a long term strategy for the development and integration of coastal observatories in Europe, including observations of the physical, chemical and biological compartments, with the objective both to address the present and future scientific questions and to meet the societal challenges related to coastal regions.

In particular the WP will tackle key scientific questions about how best to observe physical, chemical and biological parameters in European waters (task 1.1), and the adequacy of present observation strategies to meet key scientific and societal challenges in the coastal ocean (task 1.2 – Scientific strategy). In order to enhance the integration of marine biology with physical and chemical oceanology, some specific interactions are planned with other relevant European and international ocean observing systems and infrastructures that provide complementary observations of biological (task 1.3) and /or physical, chemical (task 1.4) parameters. This WP will also look at long term financial and legal governance structures for the sustainable implementation of JERICO-NEXT infrastructures (task 1.5 – Governance strategy).

Outcomes from tasks 1.2 and 1.5, together with results from the NA (WP2), SA (WP6) and TNA (WP7) activities will provide the backbone for elaborating a roadmap for the sustainable development of the JERICO-RI, maximizing its impacts on research and policy implementation, as well as innovation and value creation for Europe (task 1.6). WP1 will interact with all other WPs to ensure an optimal feedback from the different NA, TNA and JRA activities to the JERICO-NEXT strategy. This will facilitate an efficient contribution to the strategic recommendations of the EC and the member states about coastal observing systems (task 1.6 – Roadmap for the future).