D1.1 First TNA Call

D1.2 Rationale and Definitions for a Common Strategy

D1.3 Terms of Reference

D1.4 Label Definition

D1.5 Second Call for TNA Proposals

D1.6 First FCT Activities Report

D1.7 First Report of the Access Activity

D1.8 Second assessment of FCT activities

D1.9 Definition strategy and interfaces with the monitoring of marine biodiversity

D1.10 Second report of the access activity

D1.11 Achievements and Strategy for the Future

D2.1 Jerico Report on Existing Network

D2.2 Report on Existing Calibration Facilities

D2.3 Integrated Pan European Atlas Report on Coastal Observing systems

D2.4 Demonstration of the feasibility of joint trans-regional product production – Transports and E-HYPE

D2.5 Integrated Pan European Atlas Second Report on Coastal Observing systems

D3.1 Ferrybox Best Practices

D3.2 Report on current status of glider observatories within Europe

D3.3.1 Report on the current status of fixed platforms in Europe

D3.4 Report on New Sensor Developments

D3.5 Conclusion report on FerryBox systems

D4.1 Report on Existing Calibration Facilities

D4.2 Report on Calibration Best Practices

D4.3 Report on Biofouling Prevention Methods

D4.4 Report on best practice in conducting operations and maintaining

D4.5 Running costs of coastal observatories

D5.1 DM Data Handbook

D5.2 RT Data Handbook

D5.3 First Data Management Report

D5.4 Guidlines for Uncertainty

D5.5 Uncertainty estimation for temperature, salinity & chlorophyll-a

D5.6 Delayed-mode Data Management Handbook V2

D5.7 Second Data Management Report

D5.8 (Near)Real-time Data Management Handbook V2

D6.1 OceanBoard

D6.2 Community Hub

D6.3 Jerico Malta Summer School 2013 Final Report

D6.4 Jerico Web-Based Interactive Tools

D7.1 Service Access Provision

D8.1 Trans National Access Provision

D9.1 First Science Report

D9.2 WP9 OSE First Report

D9.3 OSSE First Report

D9.4 WP9 Second Annual Scientific Report



D10.1 Report on Trials and Deployments

D10.2 Development of set of software for image analysis

D10.3 Report on Data Analysis

D10.4 Report on Potential New Sensors (Fishing Vessels and Voluntary Opportunity Ships)

D11.2 Quality Assurance Plan

D11.3 Identity Set

D11.4 Periodic Activity Report M1-18

D11.6 Periodic Activity Report 3