D3.1 Ferrybox Best Practices

This report provides a review of the present status of the 16 Ferrybox systems currently operated by JERICO partners. In this report, you will have access to detailed information on the Ferrybox systems Additional information can be also found on the “FerryBox” project web site (www.ferrybox.org). Several JERICO questionnaires have been completed by all Ferryboxes operators working in the “FerryBox” project in order to obtain useful information such as shipping routes, measurement systems, data handling methods etc., on Ferrybox systems currently operated by JERICO partners.

This report also gives a set of recommendations and guidance for setting up a new Ferrybox system, based on the experience of the current status of the Ferrybox systems operation. Indeed, the expectation is that the harmonisation can be achieved by enhancing the exchange of information on operating experience rather than working towards imposing a common equipment system on all ships. The physical circumstances on ships dictate different solutions to the problem of the specification of an installation. Consequently, as part of the JERICO work, the vision is to improve the harmonisation of activities through the sharing of information and the standardisation of operating procedures connecting operations at sea and generation of real time data through to the archiving of fully quality controlled and documented data sets.. Next steps are considered in an overview of potential advances resulting from the work of the JERICO project.

The report also highlights the need to strengthen interactions between JERICO and SeaDataNet II. JERICO needs to think how this will be developed in practice across the different user groups and the training required. Once data has been captured the expectation is that a high level of commonality in processing can be achieved and a JERICO “quality stamp” will be possible. The “stamp” would demonstrate that an agreed system of best practice had been applied to the processing and validation of the data and production of the archived data stream.

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