Virtual Service Access

This deliverable forms part of subtask WP8.9 which looks to coordinate the provision of access to Virtual Services identified through WP6. JERICO-NEXT will integrate a large number of research infrastructures through provision of both Trans-National Access to facilities and access to data and data services. Valorisation of data will be enhanced through a large number of virtual access services, including online software-based services providing harmonized analysis of ecological data. Uptake of information available through these virtual access services will be enhanced in JERICO-NEXT through expansion of the user community studying a broader set of coastal environment and ecosystems through increased collaboration, knowledge sharing and information uptake across a wider marine community.

The premise for this work under WP6, supported by activity under WP8, is that virtual access to resources needed for research should be available via an easy to use data system that can be accessed by all members of the European community as well as communities outside of Europe. Examples of virtual access activities are databases available via Internet, or data visualisation services. JERICO-NEXT will provide financial support to virtual services widely used by the community of European researchers.

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