WP5-NA5: Governance and organisation

  Work package leader: IFREMER Work package co-leader: IMR
Contact: Ingrid Puillat Henning Wehde
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Task 5.1: From the concept to the structure
Task 5.2: Relations with other Environmental RIs
Task 5.3: Study of Human resources and capacities
Task 5.4: Development of the JERICO label Committee to sustain the scientific research excellence framework of JERICO-RI
Task 5.5: Policy for sustaining excellence and performance
Tasks 5.6: Structuring of the legal entity and way forward
Tasks 5.7: Coordination and methodology of the WP5


This WP will build upon the work from WP1 to WP4 to propose a governance structure and operational structure as well as a roadmap to achieve the implementation of an operational phase. To reach this key objective WP5 will, in synergy with nations:

  • Task 5.1: develop a Conceptual Design Model to organise operations between Expert centers and central hub.
  • Task 5.2: deliver a strategic document to co-construct JERICO-RI in the landscape of environmental RIs in line with national strategies.
  • Task 5.3: assess the available expertise in term of Human Resources and capacities.
  • Task 5.4: sustain and enhance the research excellence of the RI with specific groups.
  •  Task 5.5: prepare a new version of the JERICO label document to include procedures for best practices, policies, KPI and Term of Reference for some future policies.
  • Task 5.6: design a possible legal entity to manage JERICO-RI as a conclusion of the Design study, which will include a synthesis of the Conceptual Design and and way forward.
  • Task 5.7: is dedicated to the management of the WP5 and to secure the engagement of nations.