NA2: Linking scales, communities and processes

  Work package leader: Hereon Work package co-leader: Deltares
Contact:  Holger Brix Ghada El Serafy
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Task 2.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 2.2: Collaboration and interoperability with marine, river and terrestrial RIs
Task 2.3: Interfacing with COPERNICUS and coastal-based industries
Task 2.4: Regional connectivity and link between scales and dynamics
Task 2.5: Interfacing with monitoring programmes, non-European OOS and the political realm


By fostering cooperation and coordination with existing RIs at different regional, national and transnational levels, as well as other relevant communities (such as numerical modelling and Earth observation), WP2 will integrate knowledge, approaches, methods and activities between JERICO-RI and other Earth science communities and stakeholders. It will link communities from EO, in situ and modelling to work towards a community of communities including all levels of players to create interactions that will allow to address pressing societal problems that cannot be solved by single communities alone. We will (1) link JERICO-RI to geographically adjacent RIs from the marine, river and terrestrial communities and (2) liaise with entities in the remote sensing realm and coast-based industries. To create regional connectivity and link scales and dynamics we will (3) cooperate with numerical modelling communities in creating integrated monitoring-modelling frameworks. Links will be established to (4) monitoring programmes, political decision makers and non-European ocean observing systems.

The approaches of WP2 will be informed by the strategic priorities of WP1, will rely on existing cooperation on regional levels as existing in WPs 3 and 4 and will inform implementation actions as explored in WP9, as well as communication and outreach activities in WP 10.