Outreach, communication and engagement 

  Work package leader: BL  Work package co-leader: CEFAS
Contact:  Simon Keeble  Michelle Devlin
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The WP aim is to increase understanding of the importance and maximise the impact of JERICO-NEXT research for targeted end-users across policy, industry, science and educational sectors and the wider public and to promote uptake of JERICO-NEXT Services for Trans National and Virtual Access.

  • To create an end-user panel for engagement and fostering 2-way communication with public, policy, research, education and industry user groups.
  • To inform, engage with and identify requirements of the key user groups.
  • To ensure best possible uptake of new knowledge and evidence.
  • To enhance European capacity building in operational marine sciences (through training).
  • To maximise JERICO-NEXT international impact.
  • To promote the potential of Coastal Observatories to support ocean science technological development through Transnational Access.
  • To design, launch, maintain and host the JERICO-NEXT website with integrated communication portals for disseminating relevant data, information and project products and services.