Data management 

  Work package leader: HCMR  Work package co-leader: EuroGoos
Contact:  Leonidas Perivoliotis Patrick Gorringe
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The JERICO-NEXT data management system will provide procedures and methodologies to enable data collected through the project to comply with the international standards regarding their quality and metadata. Apart from the physical parameters that have been collected during the JERICO (FP7) project, additional biological and chemical data are expected to be gathered during JERICO-NEXT. The data capacity will be expanded and the difficulties that may arise in the designing of a homogeneous data management system will be addressed. Efficient handling of this diverse data set will require operational links with EMODnet Biology while large-scale relevant efforts such as OBIS and EMBOS will also be considered. Furthermore, the direct links with EMODnet Physics and the Copernicus Marine Core Service will continue to be maintained.

The proposed work includes: (a) the definition of the data policy that has to be applied in the project (task 5.1), (b) the implementation of a metadata management system (task 5.3), (c) the proper integration of biological data into the JERICO-NEXT data portfolio (task 5.2), (d) the definition of the data flow (task 5.4). In addition, specific issues regarding the quality of measurements derived from platforms that are widely used in coastal monitoring such as the FerryBoxes, HF Radars and Gliders will also be addressed in three separate tasks (5.5 to 5.7). The last task (5.8) of this WP will be dedicated to an extended study on the most efficient linking of the JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access (VA) infrastructure. Furthermore, during the WP5 implementation, strong interconnection links will be established with JRAPs of WP4 (JRA), data issue from WP6 (Virtual Access) and WP7 (TNA) and to WP8 (NA) to support the efficient data flow within JERICO-NEXT. More generally the working group involved in Data Management work package and associated activities will be sustained beyond JERICO-NEXT project with the Data Management committee managed in WP9.