Utö Atmospheric and Marine Research Station

(short name)

Atmospheric and Marine Research Station

(short name)

Atmospheric and Marine Research Station


Utö Island, Archipelago Sea, Baltic Sea


59.78039°N - 21.35361°E

Bottom depth

23 m (possibility to go down to 80 m, if needed)

Legal name of organisation

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)




Lauri Laakso
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Erik Palmenin Aukio 1, FI-00560 Helsinki
Tel: +358-50-525 7488
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Utö is one of the main observing sites of FMI. The Island can be reached 4 times a week by free public transport and has a hotel with conference facilities. Marine observations are mainly scientists-operated, with strong support from FMI observing services unit.

Infrastructure includes the following observations:

  • Surface waves and temperature; currents (-23 m … -0.5 m); temperature, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, O2 (-5 m); Ice cover; pCO2; sea-atmosphere CO2-flux;
  • Temperature, salinity, O2, nutrient profiles (-80 m…0 m) during open sea period only;
  • A continuous water flow from the sea (possible to install new instruments utilizing ~ 5 lpm sea water/instrument)
  • Atmospheric CO2- and CH4-concentrations;

Meteorology: wind speed and direction, temperature, PAR, diffuse and global radiation, weather camera; atmospheric trace gases; physical, chemical and optical properties of aerosol particles.

Web site address : en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/uto

Instrument Measured Parameter(s) Elevation / Depth Sampling Frequency of data recovery
ADCP Underwater flows and surface waves 23 m Automatic Online, 30 min
Flow-through system Temperature, Salinity, pCO2, chlorophyll, turbidity sampling depth -5 m (analysers in a measurement cabin) Automatic Online, 1-5 minutes
Eddy-covariance fluxes FCO2 10 m a.m.s.l Automatic Online, 30 min (post-processing done once/year)
Inductive chain Temperature, salinity, O2 0-80 m Automatic (during open sea period only) Online
Atmospheric observations O2, CH4 concentrations 50 m above the sea Automatic Online

  • Remote: the measuring system is implemented by the operator of the installation and the presence of the user group is not required,
  • Partially remote: the presence of the user group is required at some stage e.g. installing and un-installing user’s equipment.

Unit of access (UA): day.

Access duration corresponds to the period of installing, operating and un-installing a measuring system by the users (partially remote access) or in his/her behalf by the access provider (remote access).

TNA projects supported by JERICO-NEXT:

The online-marine component of Utö measurement station is new, built only in 2013-14. However, diverse manual oceanographic and meteorological observations are available since 1889. The station at Utö has enough 3-phase electricity available. Data can be transmitted through permanent optical fibre or 3G connection.

Utö TNA offers possibilities to use data of the available sensors during the period of TNA, install additional sensors by users and gather water samples for instruments (technical, safety and security limitations allowing). For instruments requiring very limited maintenance, users may participate only in installing/uninstalling activities.


FMI has a part-time technician at the site who can help in weekly maintenance 1-2 hours/week (TNA-users have to provide a detailed SOP describing the maintenance procedures).

All (physical) visits to the installation will be done under guidance of FMI support team with a prior security screening by the Finnish Defence Forces.