JRA1: Pilot Supersites for innovative coastal monitoring

  Work package leader: SYKE Work package co-leader: HCMR
Contact:  Jukka Seppälä Constantin Frangoulis
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Task 4.1: Coordination and dissemination of Pilot Supersite implementation
Task 4.2: Innovative monitoring and science strategy for Pilot Supersite implementation
Task 4.3: Implementation of JERICO Pilot Supersites


WP4 will provide a proof of concept and feasibility for JERICO-RI Supersites designed for European coastal seas by implementing several Pilot Supersites (PSSs). PSSs will demonstrate the added values of integrated, state-of-the-art multidisciplinary and multiplatform observation capabilities, develop innovative hierarchical monitoring concepts for coastal seas, and create coastal collaboration platforms for other European environmental RIs, maritime industries, and regional environmental management of coastal ecosystems.

WP4 tests the Supersite concept and feasibility via a limited number of PSSs with the following objectives:

i) Define (a) the key societal information needs regarding regional marine environments (regionalization and prioritization of Grand Challenges), and (b) the key scientific gaps in observing the regional coastal ecosystems, and to formulate accordingly the regional role of a Supersite including also the entire overview of coastal observatories operating in respective regions outside the partnership (Task 4.2).

ii) Demonstrate how transnational and multiplatform PSSs are to be implemented and regionally steered in order to become a network of Supersites, especially (a) how the sub-components are optimally operated when studying complex coastal challenges in an integrated approach, (b) how interactions with other environmental RI networks can be regionally organised, (c) how the interactions with modelling and satellite remote sensing communities are regionally implemented, and (d) how PSSs are able to upgrade harmonised and sustained observations and products that are usable for various societal and scientific needs (Task 4.3).

iii) Establish the between-PSS communication and steering, and their links to other observatories, and objectively evaluate the PSS implementation phase as input to the planning phase of JERICO-RI (Task 4.1).