D10.1 Report on Trials and Deployments

This report provides details on field trials and deployments of Marine Sensing technology by a number of Jerico partners. The report will focus on the trials carried out by various project partners that have included potential new sensors as part of the deployments.

This document describes the various steps involved in the implementation of the call, giving an overview of the proposals that were accepted and indicating how they progressed and documenting the results. This report is closely aligned with Deliverable 3.4 which focuses on sensors which are in pre‐operational mode. WP10 is looking at potential development of new physic‐chemical and biological sensors which have been tested in the various field trials included in this report.

The objective is to examine the extent that existing technologies can be improved and new technologies can be tested and applied to benefit future coastal operational oceanographic systems in Europe’s coastal seas. The Work Package focused on 6 key tasks within the emerging technologies area:

10.1 Monitoring Biological compartments and processes

10.2 Development of new physico‐chemical sensors

10.3 Use of emerging Profiling technologies in coastal seas.

10.4 Use of Ships/vessels of opportunity in coastal oceanographic measurements

10.5 Ferry‐box Quality Control algorithm development

10.6 Remote Sensing on suspended particulate matter

The various field trials are presented in this report with a focus on different observation platforms and different parameters which will be measured by the various sensors.

Each field trial was assessed using the following headings

  • Rationale
  • Focus on new trials and experiments
  • Instrument set up
  • Platform used
  • Methodology
  • Assessment of the success/failure of trial

Download the attached PDF for further details relating to this deliverable.