WP3- NA3: Integrated Regional Sites

  Work package leader: PLOCAN Work package co-leader: CNR
Contact:  Eric Delory Simone Marini
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WP7 will develop and integrate innovative technologies and methodologies, in tight collaboration with WPs 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8-VA (see tasks description). New technologies for interoperability of platforms (task 7.2), innovative sensors and sensor packages for multidisciplinary ecosystem monitoring, coupling physics, chemistry and biology will be developed and integrated, focussing on their in-situ operability (task 7.3). Data science methodologies, based on machine learning will be developed, integrated and tested (task 7.4) to enable event-based automated sampling. The JERICO research e-infrastructure will be developed (task 7.5), where a portal geared with a metadata-based registry system and search engine will ease discoverability and access to resources, including observation data and data product services, open software and best practices. Task 7.6 will finally bring developments to operation for in-situ demonstration on a reference site.