D1.4 Label Definition

This document constitutes Deliverable 1.4 – JERICO Label Definition – of the JERICO project and it is an attempt to document several rules and recommendations that can be applied in setting up a coastal observatory. The JERICO Label is a set of criteria defined to ensure some standardisation and interoperability, and the quality of data for coastal observatories. It contains mandatory aspects, in point of view expressed and experienced in JERICO, as well as recommended solutions or options.

This document is one of the main JERICO deliverables to be issued during the 4-year period and finalized towards the end of the project. It informs on the definition of the label and its implementation modalities, including rules, control and protection of the label.

It includes recommendations and mandatory rules to be applied at different levels of the entire JERICO observatory network while the document will be updated with the other platforms used in the coastal observations and not included. It provides recommendations on sensing technologies for each platform, operating issues and deployment – installation.

It highlights the importance of performing tests before any long-term deployment at the demanding coastal sea environment. It gives guidelines to define and implement a test plan.

JERICO deliverables on Operation Best Practices, Biofouling and Calibration become a reference of the JERICO Label as soon as they are delivered.

This document needs to be updated continuously with the evolution of technology, of gained experience and new needs. 

Download the attached PDF for further details on this deliverable.


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