COSNYA Underwater Node Helgoland

(short name)

Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas

(short name)

Underwater Node Helgoland


German Bight, North Sea


54.193°N - 7.878°E

Bottom depth

11 m

Legal name of organisation

Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon (Hereon) & Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI)




Prof. Dr. Philipp Fischer
Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Centre for Polar and marine
Research, Centre for Scientific Diving
Kurpromenade 207
27498 Helgoland
Tel: ++49 4725 640333
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COSYNA (Coastal Observation System for Northern and Arctic Seas) is an operational coastal monitoring, forecasting and information system for the North Sea composed by fixed platforms, FerryBoxes, gliders and HF-radar systems. It is being developed by institutes of the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and collaborating institutions and is operated by the Hereon Research Centre. The infrastructure represents an investment of 9 M €. It was build up since 2007 and is fully operational since 2012.

COSYNA_UNH is a cabled underwater observatory operated by AWI together with Hereon since 2012 and is providing power, network connection and server support for the permanent operation of in situ sensor systems. The node system has 10 underwater pluggable access points (for network (100 Mbit/ 1Gbit) and power (48V / 2.5 Amp) and is equipped with a standard sensor carrier with an ADCP) and a CTD plus Chl-a fluorescence, oxygen and turbidity sensors for basic oceanographic measurements.The 10 access points are fully remotely controlled. The user gets a “virtual computer”on the COSYNA server on which she/he can log in via remote access software and install own programs to control her/his sensor.

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Instrument Measured Parameter(s) Elevation / Depth Sampling Frequency of data recovery
CTD Pressure/depth 10 m 1 Hz Real time
CTD Temperature 10 m 1 Hz Real time
CTD Conductivity/Salinity 10 m 1 Hz Real time
CTD Oxygen 10 m 1 Hz Real time
CTD pH 10 m 1 Hz Real time
CTD Turbidity 10 m 1 Hz Real time
CTD Chl-A 10 m 1 Hz Real time
ADCP Current 10 m 5 min Real time

  • Partially remote: the presence of the user group is required at some stage e.g. installing and un-installing user’s equipment.

Unit of access (UA): 14 days.

Access duration corresponds to the period of installing, operating and un-installing a measuring system by the users.

TNA projects supported by JERICO-NEXT:

The applicant can attach his/her own sensor and has full remote access.

Installation will be supported by a team of technicians and scientists of AWI/Hereon for preparing the instrumentation; service the instrumented node, support diving for installation and recovering of the sensors at the end and process the data. A “virtual computer” is also provided to the user for full access to the instruments installed underwater.

Data storage for own sensors is only temporally restricted. The owner of a sensor has to ensure, that the data are well stored.