WP3-NA3: e-Infrastructure technical design and data integration strategy

  Work package leader: SOCIB Work package co-leader: RBINS, SMHI
Contact: Joaquin Tintore Sebastien Legrand, Patrick Gorringe
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Task 3.1: e-JERICO requirements compilation
Task 3.2: Policies of e-JERICO
Task 3.3: Technical design of e-JERICO
Task 3.4: Preparation for e-JERICO operation
Task 3.5: e-JERICO data lifecycle management
Task 3.6: Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for e-JERICO
Task 3.7: Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap


  • JERICO e-infrastructure (or e-JERICO) is envisioned as a one-stop-shop service providing JERICO users an optimal way to gain an integrated form of access to:
  • TransNational Access to the JERICO physical infrastructures (platforms and sensors) offered by the national coastal observatories and JERICO technical expertise centres.
  • Resources required to both harmonize and implement JERICO data lifecycle management methodologies: Best Practices, tools and services, and e-training modules.
  • Quality controlled data that is routinely acquired by the different national coastal observatories, following the FAIR principles.
  • Added-value products and services (indicators, nowcasts, analysis, etc.) generated by each individual JERICO thematic expertise center.
  • Dedicated cloud computing resources (hardware and software) allowing researchers to perform advanced analysis on multi-disciplinary, multi-scale, multi-domain and multi-sensor data sets. WP3 overall objective is to conduct the design study of the e-JERICO and to produce a strategic plan and roadmap for the implementation within the framework of the ESFRI roadmap. By gathering key requirements of both scientific (WP1) and technical design studies (WP2), and including eJERICO’s own requirements, deduced from stakeholders’ expectations (WP4), a gap analysis will be produced from which the e-JERICO technical design will be proposed. It will also consider the context of eJERICO that includes both outlined access and security policies, and the drafted data management plan provided by the JERICO-S3 project.

The strategic plan will reflect the dynamics that e-JERICO will have to follow in accordance with the expected requirements to progress on the ESFRI roadmap and within the EU landscape of RIs. A KPI analysis will also be provided in order to monitor the overall e-infrastructure performance during the progress of the strategic plan. WP3 work flow will be organised following an iterative, agile-like methodology, since the content of the different WP3 tasks will be interrelated and linked to the progress of other WPs.