NA8: Coordination

  Work package leader: IFREMER
Contact:  Laurent Delauney
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Task 13.1: Day To Day management
Task 13.2: Common workshop organisation: JERICO-Weeks
Task 13.3: Committees
Task 13.4: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 13.5: Coordination and Management of the Transnational Access Programme
Task 13.6: Coordination and Management of Virtual Access activities
Task 13.7: Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI


To ensure efficient project coordination adapted to the specifications of the JERICO-S3 project and to achieve the project objectives and goals, the management is divided into the following sections:
 i) T13.1: day to day management including administrative, financial and technical management, ii) T13.2: co-organisation of consortium meetings and workshops, iii) T13.3: steering of several committees interacting with diverse WPs, iv) T13.4 management strategies, internal rules and procedures will be detailed further in the Quality Assurance Plan. In addition, 3 tasks are dedicated to the management of TA and VA activities, for which operating costs are led in WP11-VA & WP8-TA.