Fourth call

Due to popular demand, a fourth Transnational Access call is now open from 20 October to 21 November 2022. This call is now closed. Please note, all proposed projects must be scheduled to complete the experiment by September 2023 with the final report submitted no later than October 2023. Please review the guidance notes linked below and submit a completed application form to the JERICO-S3 coordination team JERICO.TA (at) 

JERICO-S3- 4th call Guidance notes

JERICO-S3 TA 4th call Application

Transnational Access provides free of charge access to high-quality infrastructures and support services at unique multi-disciplinary facilities consisting of a range of gliders, fixed platforms, ferryboxes, cabled observatories, HF radar, benthic stations, and bio-sensors. Applicants will be able to apply for a travel grant for the purpose of visiting the host facility for conducting their experiment. More than 4400 days of Transnational Access is offered between June 2020- January 2024 to 43 integrated marine coastal observation infrastructures located at 21 JERICO-RI partners throughout Europe. Detailed information about each JERICO-RI facility, technical design and available resources etc. can be found here.

Successful applicants will be facilitated in conducting first-class experiments on one or more of the multi-disciplinary coastal observing systems thus maximising impact for science, environmental managers, industries and other relevant stakeholders. Users will have access to the best available equipment and knowledgeable personnel at each of the facilities to enable improved research outputs and scientific excellence. JERICO-S3 TA supports a diverse international user group and proudly supported the International Women in Science Day this February by highlighting 3 women Principal Investigators of TA projects. We welcome projects from all user groups including those from non-EU countries subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the guidance notes.

Go ahead and browse the JERICO-S3 catalogue of available infrastructures and facilities to find the ones most suitable to your research purposes

The catalogue of facilities is accessible by clicking on through the ‘Jerico Facilities in TA’ option in the Menu bar; items are sorted either by country or by facility type (Cabled observatories, Ferryboxes,  Fixed Platforms, Gliders, Specialised Equipment, Supporting Facilities). Please check the guideline notes for the updated list of facilities available during the second call. 

In addition to this catalogue, an interactive map has been provided to allow you to visualise the locations of all the facilities, to zoom in and out, and to view cursory descriptions of single elements by hovering over them with your cursor. Clicking the ‘View Details’ button in the popup, will permit you to recover more information and go directly to the relative facility page in the catalogue.

This is a unique opportunity for scientists and engineers to avail of high-quality, interlinked instrumented infrastructures operating in coastal and shelf-sea areas for carrying out research and/or testing activities.

Interested users can request access to one or more facilities in the same proposal. JERICO-S3 will provide them with technical assistance, travel support and complimentary core measurements that may be necessary to their work, if these are available. Projects will be selected on the basis of the quality and novelty of the proposed activities

***Please Note***Due to Corona-COVID-19 travel restrictions and health risks TA Activities may be delayed or adapted – please contact the respective Facility Providers for updates on timing and feasibility.

Check rules and procedures on this website using the following links

Proposals must be drafted according to the attached template, and should be submitted by email to the following email address: