D10.3 Report on Data Analysis

This report focuses on Data analysis and processing techniques undertaken by JERICO partners, it also includes details on the data analysis of a number of inter‐comparisons between various sensing technologies including: 

  • Data analysis Report on Dissolved Oxygen sensors inter‐comparison exercises 
  • A Data analysis and evaluation on Star‐Oddi and NKE probes in order to assess their capability to be used for physical oceanography purposes. 
  • Data analysis, methodological development and 3D T/S (Temperature/Salinity) structure along FerryBox lines carried out under the JERICO project. 
  • A report on a moored profile analysis trial to assess the data availability using different methods in varying weather and operating conditions and to compare profile measurements from a moored buoy with similar profiles from profiling floats, standard ship based CTD measurements and surface data from FerryBox systems. 

These data analysis experiments presented are assessed and presented under the following headings: 

  • Data collection methodology 
  • Quality assurance applied 
  • Analysis 
  • Scientific results 
  • Published papers (included as annex) 

The real time quality control of operational observation data of a number of Jerico partners has also been addressed with the focus on FerryBox systems. Real time quality controls (RTQC) procedures have been formulated and presented. For all kinds of platform there are general tests applicable. For FerryBoxes some additional tests are also presented here. There is a general agreement in the community for adoption of data quality tests; however, the range of tests is not entirely consistent. Tests are performed either directly on board in real‐time or later in the data base on land. For the delayed mode quality control water samples are strongly recommended. Automation of this step remains a difficult task as expert judgement is needed. The topics described are presented as according to the Description of Work (DoW) 

  • Review of data processing undertaken by JERICO partners 
  • manual intervention in data processing protocols 
  • development of (Matlab code) algorithms for data processing