WP3- NA3: Integrated Regional Sites

  Work package leader: NIVA Work package co-leader: IRB
Contact:  Andrew King Martin Pfannkuchen
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JERICO-RI observing platforms are distributed over many European coastal regions. This WP in JERICO-S3 will organize, harmonize, and integrate existing coastal observing activities and initiatives within regions and between regions. This will ensure that coastal observing efforts are tailored towards the needs and requirements of local/national/regional levels, but also that the JERICO-RI is coordinated and optimised at the European level for addressing larger scale issues. For that purpose the WP will operate five Integrated Regional Sites (IRSs): the Northern Adriatic Sea, Iberian Atlantic Margin, Bay of Biscay, Skagerrak-Kattegat, and Norwegian Sea. This structuring is required for coordinating and developing region-specific observational strategies and approaches, promoting cooperation, integration, and development between countries adjacent to coastal observing regions, as well as providing the cooperational framework for regional data management and accessibility. This will be accomplished through four tasks: T3.1. Coordination and links to other WPs, T3.2. Development of regional IRS strategy and business and sustainability plans, T3.3. Integration and harmonisation within and between regions, and T3.4. Regional data harmonisation/delivery and products.