D4.5 Running costs of coastal observatories

Long term sustained marine observing systems are required to help understand and predict changes in the world’s seas and oceans. The cost of setting up and operating such systems can be significant. This report examines the costs associated with setting up and running fixed platforms, Ferrybox systems, gliders and calibration laboratories, compiled using questionnaire replies returned from JERICO partners. The costs for gliders (section 4.3) are taken directly from Tintoré et al., 2013 (Annexe 2) which were complied through a joint exercise with GROOM.

There was a large variability in costs between laboratories reflecting the different types of platforms and parameters being measured. Initial investment costs are greater for glider fleets (€222,545 in 2011) and Ferrybox systems (€110,298) than for fixed platforms (€86,526). Ongoing total annual running costs for a glider fleet (€184,014 excluding investment in 2011) and fixed platforms (€139,358) exceed those of Ferrybox systems (€90,529). This analysis of costs has shown that a large proportion of the total annual running costs (27%) of fixed platforms is associated with boat charter. Collaborative working such as under the Eurofleets project (http://www.eurofleets.eu/np4/63) may give the opportunity to reduce these costs and maximise efficiency.

D4.5 Running Costs V1.2 With Glider Annexe (4.1 MiB)