JERICO-DS: Milestones


MS# WP# MSX.Y Milestone Title Lead Delivery How?
MS1 1 1.1 Vision, mission outlined (includes national integration) CNR M6 Minute of Workshop
MS2  1  1.2  Interaction between institutions and funding bodies implemented CNR M12 Summary of activities
MS3  1  1.3  Revision of the general and scientific approach


M24 Minute of Workshop
MS4  1.4  GSO collaboration established IFREMER-CNRS M24 Summary of activities
MS5  1.5  KPIs for an operational JERICO-RI to assess the scientific excellence and societal economic impacts. Hereon M18 Delivery of KPIs to WP5
MS6   2 2.1  Defining structure and timeline of technology gap analyses SYKE M2 Summary of structure and timeline
MS7   2 2.2  Workshop with NRs and J-S3 for technology outlook and roadmap IMRNIVA M6 Minutes from workshop
MS8   2 2.3  Joint WP2, WP3 and WP4 workshop for JERICO-RI design IMRNIVA M12 Minutes from workshop
MS9   2 2.4  Workshop with NRs and J-S3 for technology gap analysis and roadmap DELTARES M18 Minutes from workshop
MS10  2 2.5 KPIs for JERICO-RI technological implementation SYKE M18 Delivery of KPIs to WP5
MS11  2 2.6 Joint WP2, WP3 and WP4 workshop for JERICO-RI technology roadmap SYKE M24 Minutes from workshop
MS12  2 2.7 Workshop with J-S3 for technology vision SYKE M30 Minutes from workshop
MS13  3 3.1 e-JERICO requirements compiled SMHI M12 Summary of activities reported
MS14  3 3.2 Draft access policy RBINS M12 Summary of activities reported
MS15  3 3.3 Draft security policy RBINS M18 Summary of activities reported
MS16  3 3.4 Draft e-JERICO technical design SOCIB M24 Document
MS17  3 3.5 Draft operational plan RBINS M24 Document
MS18  3 3.6 Draft e-JERICO data management plan SMHI M12 Document
MS19  3 3.7 KPIs for the JERICO-RI e-Infrastructure SOCIBAZTI M18 Delivery of KPIs to WP5
MS20  3 3.8 Draft e-JERICO strategic plan SOCIB M24 Document
MS21  4 4.1 Workshop on long term national commitment framework HCMR M7 Minutes from workshop
MS22   4 4.2  Workshop on socio-economic impact assessment of RI HCMR M12 Minutes from workshop
MS23   4 4.3  RI user/stakeholder community, access units and access modes described EuroGOOS M31 Delivery of KPIs to WP5
MS24   4 4.4  Workshop on design of Research Infrastructure funding plan MI M33 Minutes from workshop
MS25   4 4.5  Design of Financial Risk assessment and Mitigation Strategy MI M34 Minutes from workshop
MS26  5 5.1 Bi annual reporting on progress made on com. with national authorities (T5.7) IFREMER M6,12,18,
Summary of activities sent to WP6
MS27  5 5.2 Strategic synthetic document to coconstruct JERICO-RI in the Landscape of environmental RIs finalised (T5.2) Hereon M12 Summary of activities presented in yearly meeting
MS28  5 5.3 Report on organisation of the JERICO label committee finalised including Terms of Reference (T5.4) CNR-OGS M12 Summary of activities reported
MS29  5 5.4 Finalised report listing the available HR (qualitative) and capacities per nation according to topics, systems expertise and its analysis to consider gaps and needs of training (T5.3) IRB M18 Summary of activities sent to WP4
MS30  5 5.5 Conceptual model drafted (T5.1) IMR M24 Summary of yearly meeting
MS31  6 6.1 Periodic report on Dissemination and exploitation of knowledge IH M12 Document
MS32  6 6.2 Identified Potential Communication KPIs to feed general KPIs table (WP5) IRB M12 Delivery of KPIs to WP5
MS33  6 6.3 Report the selected tool and its possible evolution according to the dynamics, as well as the training action IRB M14 Summary of activities reported
MS34  6 6.4 Communication Tools to Engage National Governments TALTECH M22 Summary of activities reported
MS35  6 6.5 Com. Plan to Users IH M24 Summary of activities reported
MS36  6 6.6 Report on Case Study for Interactions between JERICO-RI community and initiatives at national level in education IH M28 Summary of activities reported
MS37  6 6.7 Com. Plan to Engage Stakeholders TALTECH M32 Document