Valorisation through applied joint research 

  Work package leader: IFREMER  Work package co-leader: CNRS
Contact:  Ingrid Puillat  Antoine Grémare
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This work package is a synthesis of the project built upon activities in other WPs, gathering the consortium around applied Joint Research Activity Projects (JRAPs) selected to put forward the added value of JERICO-NEXT. In order to reach this objective, WP4 keeps on track the JERICO-NEXT course of actions via synthesis and application activities based on interactions with other WPs. In that way, most of WPs will be supported by results of JRAPs and reciprocally JRAPs will be fed by WPs conclusions as well. Indeed the Best Practices concept developed in WP2 can be applied; as well as some technology or methodology developments implemented in WP3. In a more general way the data flow to the European channels such as Copernicus and EMODnet will be tested and applied to JRAPs data. Results will be delivered to the public, the stakeholders and the scientific community through WP5 and WP8.

WP4 will help establishing some topical approaches for the scientific strategy in WP1 (task 1.2) and will give inputs to establish the network strategy after JERICO-NEXT (task 1.6). Indeed, six JRAPs will be implemented to address different key environmental questions and/or policy requirements such as those considered by the MSFD, and according to the 6 JERICO scientific areas:

  1.  JRAP-1 on pelagic biodiversity
  2.  JRAP-2 on benthic biodiversity
  3.  JRAP-3 on chemical contaminant occurrence and related biological responses
  4.  JRAP-4 on hydrography and transport
  5.  JRAP-5 on carbon fluxes and carbonate system
  6.  JRAP-6 on operational oceanography.