JERICO-DS: Deliverables


WP# D# Deliverable Name Lead Type Dissemination Level Delivery File
1 D1.1 Preliminary report for long term scientific plan including input from national strategies. CNR R  PU M18
1 D1.2 First elements to unify environmental RI efforts at national level: national scientific expectations across RIs (specific goals, expertise, data). IFREMER-CNRS R  PU M18
1 D1.3 Final report for a long term scientific plan: a mutually beneficial strategy to bridge national and EU landscape. CNR R  PU M24
2 D2.1 Technical and Technology outlook for an operational JERICO-RI. IMRNIVA R  PU M18
2 D2.2 Gap analysis for JERICO-RI technologies DELTARES R PU  M24
2 D2.3  Roadmap for technological implementation of the JERICO-RI SYKE R PU  M32
3 D3.1 Outlined JERICO virtual resources Access and Security policies RBINS  R PP  M25
3 D3.2  e-JERICO technical design SOCIB R PU  M28
3 D3.3 Preliminary operational Plan for e-JERICO service delivery, including draft agreement with JERICO partners delivering e-JERICO services and data RBINS  R PU  M36
3 D3.4 Data Management Plan for e-JERICO added value products SMHI R PU M31
3 D3.5 Outlined e-JERICO Strategic Plan for implementation SOCIB R PU M36
4 D4.1 User/Stakeholder Strategy – JERICO-RI Stakeholder analysis report added to CIS2 requirements repository developed by the European Environment Agency Eurogoos R PU M32
4 D4.2 National Commitment Framework and Strategy Report HCMR R PU M32
4 D4.3 Comprehensive Business Plan for JERICO-RI – final deliverable incorporating synthesized element of all the tasks 4.1 – 4.6 MI R PU M36
5 D5.1 Report on the conceptual design model of JERICORI including structure, external relation and HR IMR R PU M32
5 D5.2 Report on updated JERICO-RI Label CNR-OGS R PU M29
5 D5.3 Conceptual Design Report of JERICO-RI, structure of legal entity and way forward IFREMER R PU M36
6 D6.1 JERICO-RI web page translated in nat. language IH W PU M26
6 D6.2 Communication strategy of the JERICO-RI IH R PU M35
D7.1 Consortium Agreement IFREMER R PU M6
7  D7.2 Quality Assurance Plan IFREMER R PU M6
D7.3 Final project report (activity financial, societal) IFREMER R PU M36  
8 D8.1 POPD – Requirement No. 1 IFREMER E CO M1