FCT Workshop 1

First FCT workshop: Brest 10-18 Oct. 2012

This workshop took place on the 10 October 2012 in the framework of the SeaTechWeek event organised in Brest the 8-12 October 2012.

FCT workshop-1 pictureDate:          Wednesday 10th October 2012     8 am-6 pm

Venue:        Sea Tech Week 2012, Le Quartz (Breast, France)

Within the JERICO Project framework, IFREMER held this event at Sea tech Week 2012, to launch the Forum for Coastal technologies.


The main objective of the FCT is to provide a forum for the marine sensor user community and sensor industries to regularly exchange information about user requirements and technological developments. It also aimed to promote greater interaction between the scientific requirements and related market for marine sensors and equipment, including better feedback from users to makers on improved design for ease of use.

This workshop is the first event of the FCT. It will provide an opportunity for both private companies and the scientific ‘sensor’ community to meet and exchange on specific topics such as oxygen and nutrients. By the end of this workshop, it is expected, through the FCT, to enhance the interaction between these two parts and to establish a long term relationship in order to assess needs and address challenges that should improve the market of sensor for coastal oceanography.

Programme of the workshop: Agenda

In addition, at the same time, a calibration experiment will be organised in IFREMER lab:

More Information

Who should attend?

The target audiences invited are companies and research institutions (scientists and engineers) designing or using sensors in costal and/or oceanic waters. The organisers aim to achieve a mix of participants with representation from different countries.


if you want to attend, please register here.

For more information, please send an email to Please login or register to view contact information.  

Accommodation and venue: please refer to the SeaTechWeek web page:


Outputs from the Meeting

The meeting minutes and all of the presentations are available to download in the table below.

DO Maik Grunwald Oct 20122.0 MiB
Jerico FCT CalExperiment FS1.4 MiB
Nutrients Agathe Laes-Huon Oct 20123.0 MiB
JERICO Workshop Agenda Final-11.7 MiB
ACT Mario Tamburri Oct 201240.2 MiB
DO White Paper LaurentCoppola Oct 201216.5 MiB
Fct-first-workshop327.1 KiB
Calibration Expe Florence Salvetat Oct 20121.6 MiB
FCT Glen Nolan Oct 2012157.3 KiB
Jerico Patrick Farcy Oct 20123.3 MiB
Nutrient Maik Grunwald Oct 20123.8 MiB
Nutrient WIW Luca Sanfilippo Oct 20121.1 MiB
AADI Optodes Emilie Giudicelli Oct 20121.3 MiB