NA4: Harmonisation of integrated Multiplatform & Multidisciplinary systems

  Work package leader: AZTI Work package co-leader: CNR
Contact:  Julien Mader Annalisa Griffa
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Task 5.1: Coordination and Dissemination
Task 5.2: Functional homogenisation support and tools for mature coastal observing platforms
Task 5.3:Procedures and best practices for observing biological and biogeochemical variables from JERICO-RI platforms
Task 5.4: Performance Monitoring for the operation and integration of JERICO-RI platforms


The aim of the WP is to achieve the highest “readiness level” on harmonisation in the JERICO-RI with a coordinated and interactive implementation of multiplatform and multidisciplinary Best Practices among the RI operators. Nowadays, best practices are widely spread and fragmented at platform or sensor level and available at different levels of development, depending on the maturity of the observing platform. In task 5.2, previous documentations for mature coastal observing platforms will be harmonized and updated, and toolboxes will be developed to allow a coordinated and interactive implementation of these best practices in the Pilot Super Sites (PSS) and Integrated Regional Sites (IRS) (e.g. dynamic technical inventory, collaborative support service, automated outage reporting and links to specific chapter/appendix of the BPs documentation). In parallel, an effort will be made for progressing in the harmonization of procedures for pilot combined biogeochemical and biological systems (Task 5.3). Technical Steering Teams (ST) will be created for each class of platform to establish the Harmonization Support Desk. The Steering Teams will act as repository expert panels, that will also serve as peer reviewers of the BPs and contribute in the JERICO Label committee (WP13). This would also ensure the contribution to international efforts on harmonising best practices.

Moreover, the final objective is to define Performance Indicators for monitoring the operations at single platform level, and second, for monitoring the integration capabilities of each Regional Coastal Observatory (task 5.4). A JERICO-RI dashboard will be designed for its implementation in the JERICO e-infrastructure (WP8-VA) as a hub for a coordinated management of the harmonized observing platforms and monitoring their Key Performance Indicators.