WP10- NA7: Dissemination communication and engagement with stakeholders

  Work package leader: IH Work package co-leader: Blue Lobster
Contact:  Joao Vitorino Simon Keeble
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The WP aim is four-fold i) to monitor the application of the plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results, to assess the expected impact of the project ii) to drive the internal communication to share and agree on common mission, value and vision of the JERICO-RI, as well as those related to his structuration process towards sustainability, supporting thus the consortium to speak in voice towards externals; iii) to promote the benefits for the scientific community:  internal strengths and capabilities of the RI, including development of capacity building, sharing of expertises, training to access and use services of the e-infrastructure, iv) to maximise the visibility of JERICO-RI as a provider of observatories, expertise and data,  a to further engage with stakeholders.