SYKE logoSYKE is the research and development institute of the environmental administration of Finland. Its tasks include monitoring and assessment of the state of the environment, pollution loading, land use changes, and water resources. SYKE operates a routine EO-based program for water quality management. The institute further develops, assesses and applies environmental technology and instruments to guide the use and protection of natural resources, and models and methodologies to support the use and management of water resources and marine environment.

There is a strong emphasis at SYKE to provide scientific support to the decision making processes concerning large scale environmental problems with loss of biodiversity, air pollution, climate change, eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and the effects of agriculture on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in Finland. SYKE employs around 600 people, 400 of which are scientists. The SYKE Marine Research Centre (MRC) conducts wide-ranging research on the ecosystems, marine life and state of the open Baltic Sea and the coastal waters around Finland, also assessing the factors that shape the marine environment. A key focus area is to measure and examine the impacts of substances entering the Baltic Sea.