WP4 – NA4: Sustainability

  Work package leader: MI Work package co-leader: EuroGOOS, HCMR
Contact: Michael Gillooly Glenn Nolan, Leonidas Perivoliotis
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Task 4.1: User and stakeholder strategy
Task 4.2: Design of national commitment framework
Task 4.3: Socio Economic Impact Assessment
Task 4.4: Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan
Task 4.5: Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy
Task 4.6: Business plan design for the JERICO-RI


History shows that a robust long-term vision is the most important prerequisite in order to successfully and sustainably build and operate a RI. This vision requires an adequate framework and must be embedded in a supportive policy driven environment to be successful. This work package will incorporate recommendations and guidelines from the ESFRI Long Term Sustainability Working Group to develop a sustainability framework whilst also integrating cost benefit analysis guidelines for research infrastructures to incorporate objective and verifiable methods in the JERICO RI financial and sustainability design process. A state of the art reference framework for assessing the scientific and socio-economic impact of research infrastructures will be incorporated as critical elements in the design of the RIs. The Cost Benefit Analysis completed in JERICO-NEXT used robust and proven economic methodologies and will be further enhanced in JERICO-S3 to produce a business plan for individual nations National Research Infrastructures. We will use these outputs in combination with the National Commitments defined in WP1 of JERICO-DS and the Governance Structure in WP5 to fully synthesise and synergise the cost benefits derived from a fully established JERICO-RI incorporating the results into a comprehensive Business Plan for the JERICO-RI.