Survey Organisation

– First Survey (done) : Results

A first FCT survey has been completed through the JERICO partners. The aim was to define the FCT boundary.

– Second Survey: Open until 20 June 2012

Now a second survey is in progress. Essentially, we would like to involve and bring together the companies (major groups and SMEs) that either develop, use or supply sensors, instrumentation and platforms to monitor coastal oceanographic parameters and processes. The qualification and the acceptability of new sensors or new monitoring methods are time consuming.

The aims of this second questionnaire is to evaluate:

  • The industry knowledge about the oceanographic community needs.
  • How the sensor user community is aware of the last R&D developments and commercial offers.

Our main objective is to get industry and sensor users working together in a win-win situation. Completing this survey will, therefore, help us to better define the FCT and its future content.

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