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Disemination level

MS1 Workshop task 1.1  WP1 M1 Minutes of Workshop
MS2 Workshop task 1.2.1 WP1  M1 Minutes of Workshop
MS3 Workshop with scientific committee WP1  M6 Minutes of Workshop 
MS4 Strategic guidelines for the implementations of the JRAPs WP1, WP4  M7  Guidelines communicated to and endorsed by the consortium
MS5  Mechanism for interaction with similar facilities  WP1  M12  Mechanism communicated to and endorsed by the consortium
MS6 First feedback from the JRAPs WP1, WP4  M36  D4.4 delivered 
MS7 Jerico Label WP1  M42  Label endorsed by the Jerico Label committee 
MS8 WP2 Kick-off Meeting WP2  M1 Close of event.
MS9 First Workshop of Task 2.3: Harmonizing new network systems. WP5  M6 Close of event.
MS10 First Workshop of Task 2.4: Harmonizing new network sensors WP5  M8  Close of event. 
MS11 First Workshop of Task 2.5: Calibration and assessment. WP3, WP5   M14  Close of event.
MS12 Workshop of Task 2.2: Consolidation of initiated harmonization actions, dealing with Fixed Platforms, Ferryboxes and Gliders.  WP5   M36  Close of event. 
MS13 Second Workshop of Task 2.3: Harmonizing new network systems. WP3, WP5   M38 Close of event.
MS14 Second Workshop of Task 2.4: Harmonizing new network sensors WP3, WP5   M40 Close of event. 
MS15 Second Workshop of Task 2.5: Calibration and assessment.  WP3, WP5  M42  Close of event.
MS16 Imaging Flow Cytobot implementation for imaging in flow analysis in coastal waters WP3, WP2, WP4   M24  Test in field sampling
MS17 FlowCAM/FastCAM implementation for imaging in flow analysis in coastal waters WP3, WP2, WP4   M36  Test in field sampling 
MS18 Implementation of SFCM in continuous recording systems   WP3, WP2, WP4  M24  Test in field sampling 
MS19 Implementation of FRRF and/or PAM in continuous recording systems  WP3, WP4  M24  Test in field sampling
MS20 Classification/Discrimination tools for phytoplankton image analysis, scanning optical single-cell analysis and/or bulk optical analysis   WP3, WP4  M42  Validated with data gathered on both cultures and field sampling
MS21 Implementation of first methodological improvements on current retrieval on HF radar infrastructure   WP3, WP4  M28  Verification of algorithm implementation
MS22  Recommendation for European HFR community by reporting in EuroGOOS Technology Working Group.  WP3, WP1  M36 Report delivered
MS23 Testing of methodological improvements on HF radar retrievals and products   on JERICO infrastructure  WP3, WP4  M44  Tests in the field completed
MS24 Temperature sensor housing WP3  M18 Tests in lab completed
MS25  JELAB laboratory validation WP3 M24 Report delivered
MS26 Mastodon2D test at sea WP3  M24  Tests at sea completed
MS27 Test YOYO system deployed in the LoVe observatory area  WP3  M24  Deployed (Yes/No)
MS28 YOYO system tested WP3  M36 Report on the ability system
MS29 JELAB2 sea trials WP3 M40 Paper in draft form or submitted
MS30 New configuration for the phycotoxin biosensor WP3  M16 Up and running prototype
MS31 Identification of suitable molecular markers for the detection of hydrocarbon pollutants  WP3  M24 Documented evaluation of the different markers
MS32 Adaptation of the automated sampling of rDNA to the Ferrybox   WP3, WP4 M24 Documented sampler demonstration
MS33 Test of the toxin biosensor in the bay of Brest WP3, WP4  M32 Field survey complete and data quality validated
MS34 Test of the new carbon sensors on the Ferrybox and Status report.   WP3, WP4  M24 Ferrybox and Status report. WP3, WP4 M24 Completed first trails with systems
MS35  Long term test of the sensors WP3, WP4  M36  Field survey and data analysis completed
MS36 Adaptation of a towed video system WP3, WP4  M24  Deployment tests at sea completed
MS37 Tests of field deployments WP3, WP4  M24  Field survey completed. 

On line access to raw and validated data

MS38 Biochemical transport diagnostics in DA systems  WP3 M6  Documented demonstration
MS39 High-resolution nature runs for OSSEs WP3, WP4  M6  Documented (presentation) evaluation of nature runs
MS40 Calibrated errors statistics for OSSEs WP3, WP4  M12 Documented (presentation) consistency between OSE and OSSE error statistics
MS41  HF Radar observation operators for DA  WP3, WP4 M9  Research software made available to partners
MS42  Improved radar DA technology for assessment of transport  WP3, WP4 M18  Report on improved radar data assimilation capability
MS43 Presentation of JRAP projects during KO meeting.Actions with WP1 & 8 planed WP4  M1  Reported in a KO meeting report
MS44  Presentation of JRAP progress, highlighting links with other WPs   WP4  M18  Reported in final WP4 workshop#1
MS45 Presentation of JRAP progress, highlighting links with other WPs  WP4  M36  Reported in final WP4 workshop#2
MS46 Presentation of JRAP results, acquired data, and strategy for the future.  WP4 M48  Reported in final WP4 workshop
MS47 Add digital citation of data as important component of data policy (in line with ICES guidelines on digital citation, currently under development)  WP5  M24  Software released and validated by a user group
MS48 Automated quality control services operational + handbook  WP5  M24  Software released and validated by a user group 
MS49 Console with core services for observatory operators and automated publication towards data management systems  WP5  M32  Software released and validated by a user group
MS50  Console with specific services for targeted observatory network operators  WP5  M42  Software released and validated by a user group
MS51  Modules for data Quality Check, including WPS service  WP5  M36  Software released and validated by a user group
MS52   Report from external board WP8 M30 Gathered metrics
MS53  Infrastructure available for users  WP7  M9  Updates on website
MS54  KTN WP8 M40  Inaugural meeting
MS55  Tender Watch  WP8  M42  Updates on website 
MS56  Jerico Website  WP8  M12  Website available 
MS57  First TNA Call  WP8  M9  Updates on website 
MS58  Second TNA Call   WP8  M21  Updates on website 
MS59  Third TNA Call  WP8 M32  Updates on website
MS60  Kick off meeting  WP9  M1  Close of event 
MS61  First intermediate GA  WP9  M18  Close of event
MS62  Second intermediate GA  WP9 M36  Close of event 
MS63  Final GA  WP9 M48  Close of event