What do these terms mean? (Glossary)

  • ‘Access project’: a written proposal for accessing an infrastructure submitted by a user or user group.
  • ‘Access provider’: a beneficiary or linked third party that is responsible for providing access to one or more research infrastructures or installations.
  • Associated country’: a third country, which is party to an international agreement with the European Union, as identified in Article 7 of the H2020 Framework Programme Regulation No. 1291/2013; Article 7 sets down the conditions for association of non-EU countries with Horizon 2020.
  • ‘End-user’: the legal representative of a user group.
  • ‘Infrastructure’: a facility, a resource or a coherent set of the two, together with relevant related services, which are offered to the scientific community to conduct research.
  • ‘Infrastructure/Facility operator’, Operator‘: equivalent to ‘Access provider’.
  • ‘Installation/Facility’: a portion or a service of a research infrastructure that could be used independently, even apart from the rest; research infrastructure consists of one or more installations/facilities.
  • ‘Selection Panel’: a team of independent experts established to evaluate and select access projects.
  • ‘TNA’: Transnational Access, that is, the service, involving it’s research infrastructures, offered by JERICO-NEXT to users.
  • ‘User-group’: a team of  researchers (users) led by a ‘user group leader’. A user group can be formed by members from different organisations and countries. Users may be members of an Institute or company unit or department, etc. Each user group is led by a single user group leader, irrespective of the number of members and organizations involved.

Can non-EU users participate ?

Yes, non-EU users can be members of a user group as long as the majority of the users work in an institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State. In the case where a user group is constituted by a majority of users not working in an EU or associated country, access to any infrastructure/facility/installation will be limited to 20 % of the total amount of units of access offered for that infrastructure/facility/installation under the JERICO-NEXT TNA program.

Can users access infrastructures/facilities in their home country ?

Yes, they can, but only as members of a user group where the leader and the majority of users  work in a country other than the country where said infrastructures/installations are located.

Can users from the JERICO-NEXT consortium participate ?

Yes, they can, but they cannot be members of user groups accessing infrastructures or facilities operated by their own organizations.  

Is there a contact point for further information ?

Yes, for any clarification or information unavailable on this web site, you can e-mail the JERICO-NEXT TNA office at jerico.tna@ismar.cnr.it .