D1.10 Second report of the access activity

This report is an update of D1.7 (First report of the access activity, 12 May, 2013) and describes the activities following the launch of the three Calls, carried out under Task 1.6 “User modalities access for the Trans-National Activities” of the JERICO project.

Information on the Calls’ program, the rules governing the eligibility of user groups and the procedures for the selection and approval of proposals are described in D1.1 (First Call for TNA proposals and its addendum, 12 January, 2012 and 4 May, 2013) and D1.5 (Second Call for TNA proposals, 16 January, 2013) together with the facilities participating in the Calls.

The launch of the 1st Call was preceeded by a long period of preparatory work: the drafting of the required publicitary and regulatory TNA documentation, the design of the TNA Web pages and their posting on the JERICO website (www.jerico-fp7.eu). The access opportunity was widely promoted before each Call using through JERICO project and the Consortium media and also diffuse through mailing lists and webpages of other projects and organizations.

This document describes the various steps involved in the implementation of the Calls, giving an overview of the proposals that were accepted and summarizing their achievements so far.

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D1.10 Second Report Of The Access Activity (342.4 KiB)