Evaluation and selection

Selection Panel (SP)

The user groups will be selected by the SP, proposed and nominated at the JERICO-S3 kick off meeting and consisting of independent international experts. The SP includes members of the project’s Scientific and Technological Advisory Committee (STAC):

  • Janet Newton (University of  Washington)
  • Henry Ruhl (CENCOOS) Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System
  • Rogerio Chumbinho (Bluewise Marine)
  • Steve Hall Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF)
  • Clarissa Anderson, Ph.D. (SCCOOS) Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System 

TA management team

The TA management team will preliminarily check the proposals for respect of access rules and technical quality and will coordinate the evaluation process. The TA management team was agreed at the Jerico-S3 kickoff meeting in San Sebastian in February 2020 and is composed by the following members of the Consortium:

  • Paul Gaughan (Marine Institute, JERICO-S3 WP8/TA Coordinator),
  • Christine Loughlin (Marine Institute, JERICO S3 WP8/TA Coordinator)
  • Melanie Juza (SOCIB)
  • Jukka Seppälä (SYKE)
  • Laurent Coppolla (CNRS)
  • Luis Felipe Artigas (ULCO)

Evaluation and selection

The adopted procedure is built on the principles of transparency, fairness and impartiality.

Submitted proposals will first be checked by TA management team to ensure formal compliance with access rules and their technical quality. Requests for amendments of technical issues only can be requested to proponents, whose response is expected as soon as possible, anyway before one week.

Properly compiled proposals will undergo a three-step selection process involving:

  1. Validation of each proposal by the interested facility operator (feasibility assessment).
  2. Evaluation based on scientific excellence, innovation and impacts on the state-of-the-art. This step will be performed by the SP with the aid of additional experts, if necessary.
  3. Final assessment and selection by the SP, which will recommend a short-list of proposals eligible for support.

Only proposals successfully validated by the relevant facility operators will pass on to the evaluation phase. To avoid misunderstandings and difficulties, users shall interact directly with the facility operators during the preparation of their proposals, to confirm that their targeted facilities are suitable for the planned experiments.

In assigning proposals, care will be taken to exempt an evaluator from his/her duties if: 1) members of the user group are from the evaluator’s home country, 2) the facility being requested is located in the evaluator’s home country.

Evaluation criteria

The submitted projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

# Criterion for Evaluation Max Score
1 Scientific and/or technological excellence of user group 5
2 Scientific and technical value of the project                      5
3 Quality of the work plan 5
4 Potential for seeding links with industry and/or potential application to stakeholders 5
5 European relevance  and interests for the scientific community                                                     5
Total score 25

A proposal will be considered for acceptance if it receives a total score that is ≥15.

Selection of proposals

The SP will meet in person or by videoconference to assess all the proposals received and recommend a short-list of the user groups that should benefit for access.

The SP decision will be based  on the ratings resulting from the evaluation.

Priority will be given to user groups composed of users who:

  • have not previously used the installation and
  • are working in countries where no equivalent research infrastructure exists.

According to EU requirements, special attention will be paid to female participation in order to promote equal opportunities in the implementation of the TA activities, to the extent possible.

The SP is empowered to make recommendations that may deviate from those provided by the additional experts who may have been involved in the evaluation.

The results of the selection will be published on the JERICO web site, and will be communicated directly to user group leaders and facility providers by email.