Deltares Summer School

2014 Jerico Summer School announcement

TThe FP7 project JERICO will organize a 2nd summerschool after the successful 2013 one held in Malta. The date has been set for the 14-20 June 2014 (Saturday – Friday) and the location will be around The Hague and Delft, in the Netherlands.

The preliminary title of this summer school is “From data to decisions”. We aim to cover the entire marine and coastal information cycle from data gathering via data management, data dissemination, data analysis, data assimilation to data-based policy decisions. 

The target group is 30 early career scientists plus scientifically oriented early career marine spatial planners (MSP). Students are expected to arrange for their own funding for travel and lodging. The JERICO team is currently agreeing on selection criteria for participation, which will include a support letter from a senior scientist you work with, your CV and a letter explaining what you expect/want to learn from the JERICO community, and what specific expertise you can offer to the JERICO community.

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2014 Jerico Summer School announcement